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Misdemeanor Bail Bonds in Miami, FL

While you are awaiting a court hearing for a misdemeanor, you do not want yourself or a family member to spend time behind bars. This level of crime is not considered as serious as a felony, so it stands to reason that with misdemeanor bail bonds in Miami, FL, from Sal Rivas Bail Bonds, you will be free to return home.

For help with posting misdemeanor bonds, turn to us. The owner of our bail bond company is a former police office with a thorough understanding of the legal process. Contact us today for misdemeanor bonding in Miami, Miami Beach, Hialeah, and Miami Shores, Florida. Our office is a quick three blocks from the Miami Dade County Jail.

Jail in Miami, FL

Our Agents Post Misdemeanor Bonds for You

When you or a relative is arrested on a misdemeanor, the potential punishment is much less severe than for a felony. No matter what the charge is, we understand that you do not wish to spend time in jail while the court system moves slowly ahead.

Call on our misdemeanor bail bondsman for knowledgeable and compassionate assistance. Paying the court bail bonds to prevent you from going to jail is what we do best.

It Is Your Right to Request Misdemeanor Bonding

Florida has two levels of misdemeanors. For a second-degree misdemeanor, a convicted person can go to jail for up to 60 days. For a misdemeanor of the first-degree, the time is limited to up to one year in the county jail. Other forms of punishment include probation, community service, and fines.

As a misdemeanor is less serious than a felony, the county jail is much less harsh than a state prison. However, the court will set bail on most crimes, and it is our job to post bond for you.

Misdemeanor Bail Bondsman: We Speak Spanish

When arrested for a misdemeanor, an individual spends time in jail while awaiting an appearance before a judge. The purpose of a misdemeanor bond is to provide the court with monetary assurance that that person will show up for the court date. If a person does not appear, the bond, however large or small, is forfeit.

Contact us today any time of day or night to request misdemeanor bail bonds in Miami, Miami Beach, Hialeah, and Miami Shores, Florida.