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Surety Bonds in Miami, FL

Posting surety bonds in Miami, FL, can be expensive, depending on the crime and the court. You can take out a form of insurance for surety bail bonds with the help of Sal Rivas Bail Bonds, a reliable and established bail bond company.

We serve as a surety bail bondsman for clients in Miami, Miami Beach, Hialeah, and Miami Shores, Florida; as well as more than 46 other states. Contact us today for the release of yourself or a family member from jail. Our office is just three blocks away from the Miami Dade County Jail.

Signing Document in Miami, FL

Let Us Provide You with Surety Bail Bonds

In most cases, a judge will set bail bonds so that you or a loved one accused of a crime may go free until a formal court hearing. At this point, all you need to do is find the money or the financial assistance so you can go free. Trust in a company that offers almost 30 years of experience in helping people under arrest secure surety bail bonds for immediate release from jail.

We will not only provide and post the bail, but our agents do so quickly. All of us understand that no one wants to spend the night in jail. Our service is as quick as it is convenient for we are but a phone call away 24 hours each and every day. Plus, we speak English and Spanish.

Surety Bail Bondsman: State-Licensed and Accredited

Not everyone has the cash in hand to post bond, even if the amount is usually equal to 10% of the total. That is where our surety bail bondsman comes is. The state has licensed and accredited us with the power to write bail bonds on your behalf.

Our owner can provide the court with the necessary funds so you or your family member does not have to remain in jail after arrested. We know how to obtain your release quickly so you can go home to handle the details of daily life, as well as hire an attorney to defend yourself. Depending on the amount of bond and other considerations, you may be asked to back it up with property, usually a car or a home.

Contact us today to engage the services of a state-licensed and accredited company to provide surety bonds for you in Miami, Miami Beach, Hialeah, and Miami Shores, Florida.